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Darlene Garr 15.08.2016 18:20

THANK YOU Meghan! I'm working away!

Meghan Keogh 15.08.2016 06:36

Darlene, I love your work! You are so very talented. I think Slea Head is one of my favorites of your online collection. I can't wait to see more in future!

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23.11 | 10:38

Hi is this piece still available please?

01.09 | 19:05

Hello. Just wondering if this piece is still for sale and what price is it?

22.08 | 21:09

I have paintings on glass in different sizes. €50 to €450. Is this what you mean?

22.08 | 15:24

My sister bought a few of your pieces and now I want some 🤣 how much are your glassworks and sizes etc?